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Ryan Jeske, Director of Marketing

Ryan was born and raised in the Northwoods of Wisconsin near the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where he was instilled with many of the core values that have allowed him to become successful. Compassion, Honesty, Humility, Hard Work, Staying True to your Word and Never Giving Up are some of the values Ryan holds closest to his heart. When Ryan says he can or will do something you can take that to the bank.

Ryan has never taken the “traditional” path through life. He has always felt that no matter who you are or where you come from, that you can achieve great things. Sometimes that means stepping outside of the box to achieve your goals. Ryan has always prided himself in giving back and being a good human being, kindness, compassion, and understanding are the name of that game and within a few minutes of meeting Ryan you will certainly feel the Love.

Ryan has been formally trained as a Computer Specialist and has consistently used his tech skills to enhance every position he has ever held. Prior to working for AH&A, Ryan was the Administrator of a Private Healthcare Facility. Ryan’s first “real job” was dispatching and trip planning for Schneider International where he eventually developed applications to speed up the communication between truck drivers and their teams. After Schneider, Ryan worked in the Insurance Industry for several years before making his move out to Arizona to enjoy the sunshine. On top of everything else, Ryan is a Federally Licensed Firearm Manufacturer and operates a small online store in his free time.

Ryan is a dedicated family man; nothing is more important to him than family. He is the proud father of two amazing kids, Payton and Knoxx and he is married to the love of his life, Katy. It’s rare to find any of them sitting at home, unless of course there is a PBR event or Rodeo on the TV that they don’t have tickets to attend in person. Their lives are filled with boating trips to the river, camping, spending time at their off-grid cabin, riding quads in the Glamis Sand Dunes, hunting, fishing, or a myriad of their favorite outdoor activities. Most nights you will find Katy at her numerous Softball games while Ryan and Knoxx can be found at the gym honing their Jujitsu skills. Payton has headed off to College and spends most of her time working and studying for her Business Degree.

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