Alexander Halenka, Realtor®, Team Lead

Gratitude, Connection, Contribution, and Effort.

At my core these are the values I strive to live by in all areas of my life. Becoming a Realtor has allowed me to exhibit these values in my relationships with my clients my brokerage and within my community. Watching a buyer take the keys for their very first home or seeing grandparents sell their house to move so they can be closer to their grandchildren are just a few of the bright spots in my life as a Realtor and make my job much more than just work.

My mission on this journey is to make your real estate goals my fulfillment. Spending time reviewing your dreams guiding you through the process and ultimately seeing you achieve those goals fulfills my duty as your agent and my purpose as a man in this community.

To my real estate career I bring with me eight years of experience in the foundation growth and development of mental and behavioral health clinics in Arizona, Colorado, and Wisconsin. With the utilization of my background in helping folks through very difficult health situations, combined with my expertise in business and my passion for service, I am confident that I can add value to any real estate transaction whether buying selling or investing.

Prescott and the Quad city area have paid me countless treasures since my arrival here at 18 years old. I fell in love with he town soon after my arrival and have made it my home since. I met my wife here, had my three daughters here, and started my first business in Prescott.

I was given two very important pieces of advice when it came to finding a career. One was do what you love and you will never have to work a day in your life. And the other was if you do great work the work will follow you.

Prescott has been the foundation for which I have been able to build two careers where both of those pieces of wisdom have rang true. I am indebted to this town and am grateful for the gifts it has given me.

Alexander Halenka<br>
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Team Lead

Alexander Halenka, Realtor®

3767 Karicio Ln, Suite 1D
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